Date and Time in Xiaomi Xiaoyi Smart Camera

Xiaomi-Smart-Camera-xiaoyi-xiaomi-yi-ants-mini-720P-[1]Sometimes you find out a small gem like this beautifull piece of hardware. Xiaoyi Smart Camera is almost the perfect home camera. It has a beutiful design, good video quality, bidirectional sound, good construction, SD card slot, WIFI, a decent mobile app, and a bargain price. However it has some drawbacks:

  • Latest firmwares have removed telet, FTP and RTSP access. WHY?
  • Time Zone is stuck to China, so your recordings are miss-dated, what does moving through recordings by the mobile application a nightmare.
  • Lack of wired networking.

I can accept the lack of wired networking but not the other two. The first was present in early firmwares. The Time Zone setting would be really easy to add. There are some alternatives on the Internet to fix the Time Zone issue but while helping they don`t solve the problem.

Solution 1

Disable ntpdate (from here):

I telnetted into the camera (username: root / password: 1234qwer)

cd /homemv ntpdate ntpdate.orig
touch ntpdate
chmod 755 ntpdate
date -s “2015-06-02 22:00″

The commands above disable to program that tries to set the date from the internet, and then you can set the date manually to the current date/time. Hope this helps.

Of course, to be able to apply this solution you have to flash one firmware with telnet support.

Solution 2

Firmware mod (from here)

If you are living in a different time zone (GMT+6 is Germany, Denmake, Austria, Italy…) you have to download the file “” open and modify the row. The line “my_version =” should contain possible the latest version of the firmware.


  • While the timestamp on the video is fixed, the orange marks in mobile app timeline not, so moving through it doesn’t work very well.

Solution 3

Changing time zone in etc (from here)

You can change the timezone.
Change the TZ file in /etc/
the command is :
echo “$my_gmt” > /etc/TZ
change $my_gmt by your timezone.
Note : GMT 0 => Beijing
for Paris = GMT+6
Have fun.


My solution

Work in progrress: I’ve create a bash scritp which changes the time of the mp4 files created by the camera to a previous date, 6 hours before. The script is executed every minute through cron.


Update: The best solution

Finally, the best solution it’s here and it does suppot moving through recordings perfectly.

  4 comments for “Date and Time in Xiaomi Xiaoyi Smart Camera

  1. Felipe
    17 febrero, 2016 at 19:37

    How did you set the cron. When I do this
    # crontab -l
    I get:
    crontab: chdir(/var/spool/cron/crontabs): No such file or directory

  2. tico
    21 marzo, 2016 at 12:11

    Pues acabo de dar con tu blog…
    tengo una excelente cámara versión china que me está volviendo loco con el timestamp y timeline… cuando no se actualiza el firm y dice que no puede ser usada fuera de china….. es para locos. La he conseguido hacer funcionar, pero las barras que indican moviento no van muy finas, queda como que hay movimiento continuo durante horas… tal vez tu puedas ayudarme…

    echo “GTM+6″ > /etc/TZ (For fix timestamp)
    echo “GTM+0″ > /etc/TZ /hd1 (For fix timeline)

    chinese version whit 2.10.06 apk and Firm

    asi puede quedar bien?….

  3. Andres
    28 noviembre, 2016 at 23:29

    Hola Tomás, la web no funciona.

    Consigo poner la hora en la cámara y la app actual (GMT+8 en Londres) pero no puedo navegar por las grabaciones correctamente, tengo que irme 8 horas antes de la grabacion para que se vea la hora correcta

    Algún consejo?


    • Tomás Crespo
      3 diciembre, 2016 at 20:51

      Efectivamente, para poder moverte por las grabaciones correctamente hay que usar una aplicación modificada, creo recordar que era una aplicación modificada por un ruso. El problema es que en cuanto actualizas la app estás otra vez igual, no puedes rebobinar las grabaciones.

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